Why holistic medicine is better in the long term.

Long Island Holistic Health
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Long Island Holistic Health

Holistic medicine is a form of treatment that looks at the entire person, not just the portions that are unhealthy. It is the approach of healing that looks at all of the different factors involved with someone as a whole, not just physical illness but emotional factors as well. The concept of our well-being being linked to our physical health is a firm belief of holistic physicians.

Our psychological, emotional, social, spiritual, and environmental state are very closely related to the well-being of our body in the terms of illness or disease. For someone looking for treatment for their health, the holistic approach would be very beneficial whether its treatment for your heart all the way down to treatment needed for drug abuse. The reason for the holistic approach being so successful for so many different illnesses is because it looks at every single aspect of the person.

Holistic treatment provides faster relief for pain, and improvement of a person’s health overall, and it allows the person to have a better understanding of the necessary steps needed for them to live the healthiest and happiest life possible.

When someone comes in with symptoms and wants to be treated, they are not just treated based on what they appear to show on the outside or inside of their body alone. The holistic physician takes the time to learn all of the history of the body and the type of life that person lives. The holistic approach is more about the lifestyle of the person and how to figure out how the imbalances in that person’s life are causing issues with their health.

Cardiologist Dr. Kavesteen uses the holistic approach to not only treat heart issues, but to prevent them. He is a firm believer that prevention is the key to maintaining a healthy life and heart and keeping it that way for as long as possible, which is why his approach has been so successful. Heart and Health Medical has four convenient Long Island locations Babylon, Massapequa, Middle Island, and Plainview, call us today!

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