64 Slice CT Angiogram

angiogram-page64 Slice CT Angiogram

An angiogram is a medical test that is specifically designed to produce clear images of the arteries. This test is extremely helpful in determining whether or not the arteries are blocked. There are two different types of angiograms: catheter and non-invasive. Catheter angiograms were the first to be discovered and usually involve the use of a dye. The dye is injected through the catheter (a tiny tube). The doctor is then able to take 2D Xrays of the arteries and examine the images.

The 64 slice CT Angiogram uses computed tomography and has become very popular due to the quality of the image. Unlike the catheter angiogram, the 64 slice CT doesn’t need the catheter to insert the dye. Instead, the doctor uses a needle to inject a contrast agent in a peripheral vein. The agent provides a clear image of the arteries, veins, and blood flow.