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Thomas Reisman, MD

Board Certified in Internal Medicine

Dr. Thomas Reisman, a local Plainview resident, recently joined Heart and Health Medical at its brand new Plainview Location. Dr. Reisman earned his medical degree from Charles University Medical School and completed his residency at Mount Sinai Medical Center and the VAMC Medical Center. He is Board Certified in Internal Medicine and has served the Long Island community for over 20 years.

Thomas Reisman MD - heart specialist

Dr. Thomas Reisman, Board Certified Internal Care Doctor

Heart and Health Medical Doctors

Team Approach To Internal Medicine

The Internal Medicine team at Heart and Health Medical provides the community of Long Island access to the best primary care physicians in Nassau and Suffolk Counties. At Heart and Health Medical our team of internal medicine specialists work together to provide patients with custom-tailored treatment plans designed for optimal results and patient safety. If you have been struggling to find an internal medicine specialist near Plainview, you have come to the right place. Heart and Health Medical has four convenient internal care locations in Nassau County and Suffolk County, and a brand new state-of-the-art vascular laboratory and the mobile medical unit, run by some of the best doctors and medical providers in New York. Dr. Reisman., an internal medicine doctor near me, with his team of internal medicine specialists, provides the highest level of hands-on care to all of his patients.

Dr. Thomas Reisman, an Internal Medicine specialist, serves as a dedicated and enduring healthcare partner for his patients. Beyond addressing immediate health concerns, he is committed to enhancing overall well-being and preventing illnesses. Dr. Reisman conducts regular screenings and checkups to monitor his patients’ health status, performs thorough physical examinations to detect underlying conditions, and administers essential immunizations to safeguard against preventable diseases.

One of the hallmarks of Dr. Reisman’s practice is his expertise in managing chronic diseases. He excels in diagnosing, treating, and effectively managing a wide spectrum of chronic conditions, including but not limited to diabetes, hypertension, heart disease, and respiratory disorders. Collaborating closely with his patients, he tailors personalized treatment plans that may encompass lifestyle adjustments, medication management, or specialized therapies.

Dr. Thomas Reisman fosters enduring patient-provider relationships, characterized by trust and open communication. As an advocate for his patients’ health, he offers invaluable guidance, education, and unwavering support throughout their healthcare journey. Emphasizing preventive medicine, early disease detection, and expert disease management, Dr. Reisman plays an indispensable role in ensuring that his patients lead healthy and fulfilling lives.

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Dr. Reisman and the Internal Medicine team have an office located in Plainview, NY.

What conditions does an Internist treat?

An Internist, or Internal Medicine specialist, is trained to diagnose, treat, and manage a wide range of medical conditions in adults. Some of the conditions that Internists commonly treat include:

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