iStock_000007927686_Medium-1024x817 Care of Geriatric PopulationCare of Geriatric Population

Geriatrics is a branch of medicine that centers around the care, health and well being of the elderly population. Rather than focusing on the standard adolescent, geriatric medicine focuses on the aging process and how the body physiologically changes with age. There aren’t specific qualifications that categorize a patient as being a geriatric because each patient is different. As patients age, there are many impairments that begin to surface. These are referred to as geriatric giants and consist of things such as incontinence, immobility, and loss of memory, vision, and hearing. However, the most common issue facing geriatric patients is delirium.  This condition is very common for geriatric hospitalized patients in which there are severe changes in brain function that results in the patient becoming very disoriented.