Do you need a stress test?

Long Island Stress Test
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Long Island Stress Test

A stress test is used to measure how well your heart works under physical pressure. A stress test can also be known as a treadmill test or an exercise test.  A stress test is also used for doctors to diagnose heart problems by detecting the blood supply that goes through the arteries to the heart while exercising.

During a stress test, you are hooked up to equipment that monitors your heart. While you are hooked up to a monitor you walk slowly on a treadmill.  The treadmill tilts so it feels like you are walking up a small hill.  The speed increases as the test goes on. During this test you would also be asked to breathe through a tube for a couple of minutes. The test is designed for you to stop whenever needed.

This test will track your heart rate, breathing, blood pressure, your electrocardiogram, and how tired you feel.  Doctors will use this test to catch if you have an irregular heartbeat, symptoms related to your heart such as chest pain or difficulty breathing, at what level you should exercise, if treatments you have received for heart disease are working, or if you need any other tests to detect narrowed arteries.

But how do you really know if you need a stress test done? You would need to pay attention to your body. Simple reasons such as shortness of breath without chest pain during exercise are a factor to getting a stress test. Other factors include arrhythmia symptoms during exercise such as sensation in the chest, irregular heartbeat and feeling faint or if you have experienced symptoms of reduced blood flow to your heart including shortness of breath or chest pains.  You also need to know if your heart is strong enough to start exercising after a heart attack or diagnosis of coronary heart disease. Lastly, you would need to get a stress test done to diagnose heart problems such as artery disease or a problem with heart value.

Stress tests are intimidating in the way they are performed and what they track.  You should feel comfortable getting your stress test done by your cardiologist. If you are feeling any of these symptoms or are looking to change your cardiologist you should consider calling Heart and Health Medical. Heart and Health Medical has been serving Long Island since 2007 and have won the hearts of patients leading Heart and Health to win the Patients’ Choice Award for three years in a row (2009-2011). Heart and Health Medical have three convenient locations on Long Island in both Nassau and Suffolk. Log onto Heart and Health Medical to book your first appointment

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