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Long Island Safety
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With the summer rapidly approaching many people will be flocking to the beach to go swimming in the ocean or to their pools. It is still important swimming safety so that the summer can be as enjoyable as possible without any accidents. Living on Long Island, NY it is especially important to brush up on swimming safety being that we are completely surrounded by water. So here are some tips for overall swimming safety whether it be in the pool or in open water.

With whatever type of environment it is, pool, at home, or open water it is imperative that you never leave children alone by themselves. Drowning is one of the leading categories in accidental deaths and claims about 1,000 lives a year under the age of 14 in addition to the thousands more who are rushed to the hospital with near-drowning experiences.

The most at risk age group is children ages 4 and below and something that is not really talked about is that children in that age group can drown in water 1 inch deep and is something to really remember when bringing children around water. For pools, there should be an enclosure around the pool so that children cannot access it without someone to supervise them. As a parent or guardian you should get certified in first-aid and CPR in case of emergencies. One of the biggest ways to ensure swimming safety is to enroll them in swimming lessons, this way they can get the proper training and not have to rely on someone else or floatation devices. In the open water, make sure children are once again never alone and if the child is of an older age make sure they are swimming with a friend of equal age or even an adult.

In open water you should make sure that children are swimming in the designated areas, and also be sure to check the currents and rip tides as these can make swimming difficult for even the most experienced swimmers. Even when on boats everyone should be wearing a life vest even if they are experienced swimmers just as a precautionary method.

Now with all these swimming safety facts and tips, go out there and enjoy the summer and water responsibly and make sure that children are always under proper supervision.

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