Navel Expo 2012

May 20th 2012, the Navel Expo event at Huntington Hilton featuring Doctor David Kavesteen with the Heart and Health staff. Doctor Kavesteen will be one of the featured seminars discussing heart disease and other cardiology related issues.

DISARMING A HEARTLESS KILLER: A Day in the Life of He Who Must Not Be Named

Known for sneaking up on his victims in the prime of their life, striking without any warning, this insidious condition, one whose name should not be said out loud, has the ability to quickly alter the statistics of health, vitality and longevity. Join David Kavesteen, MD, who completed his Internal Medicine training at the prestigious NYU Medical Center and continued further education by specializing in Cardiovascular Diseases and Nuclear Cardiology at Maimonides Medical Center, as he describes this dangerous perpetrator and the top 6 vulnerabilities of his favorite victims.

navel-expo-news Navel Expo 2012

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