How to be Heart Healthy

Being able to include healthy foods into your diet is essential for keeping your heart and entire body healthy. The heart is the engine that runs everything from head to toe: it fuels the lungs to breathe, causes the brain to think, and makes the muscles constrict. The role of the heart is often overlooked as the emphasis always seems to be on how to make ourselves look better. The focus needs to be changed from vanity to health as we should worry less about how to make the human body “perfect" but instead make it healthy. Nursing the heart first will make everything else fall into place.


Stress takes a wild toll on the human heart as it causes the organ to work overtime to compensate for the increase of blood pressure. While the main purpose of the heart is to circulate blood, high blood pressure causes the heart to work harder than intended and will, ultimately, cause the muscle to exhaust faster.


Eating healthy is something that should be taken into serious consideration. In order to ensure a healthy heart, your diet must be constructed of omega 3's, berries, proteins, and greens as this will pave the way to a healthy life centered around the bodies most important organ. Exercising regularly is the best way to stretch the muscles of the body, including the heart. Remember, there is more to exercise than just jogging and cardio, as lifting weights is important too! For the sake of your heart, it is worth it to include time into your day to take a walk or visit the gym.


If you combine exercise with a healthy diet, your heart is in its best shape and will allow you to be in your best shape. You will be able to live you life to the fullest once your heart is taken care of properly. Feel free to contact us at Heart and Health Medical for the best care in cardiology, internal medicine, family medicine, and podiatry in both Nassau and Suffolk County.

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