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Irene is a 44 year old woman who, like many busy people, let life get in the way of her health. As her stress levels increased over the years, she started to make quick, convenient lifestyle decisions instead of smart ones. Her daily list of responsibilities led her to be so exhausted that she didn't have the energy to exercise or the time to prepare her own food. She gained weight and lost confidence. Low on energy, she scheduled an appointment with a holistic cardiologist, who uncovered some dangerous signs; high blood pressure, clogged arteries and poor nutrient absorption. Irene was a prime candidate for heart disease and showed early signs of diabetes.

Many cardiologists take an isolated and reactive approach to health by treating symptoms of a struggling heart with medication, surgery and cardiac catheters. These methods may be helpful in response to an emergency but they may still slow us down in our daily lives. According to David Kavesteen, MD of Long Island Heart & Health, a holistic cardiology practice, a proactive, whole body approach to heart health will keep you looking great, feeling great and contribute to a longer life. Why wait to elevate your mood, your confidence and increase your odds of enjoying this planet longer? It starts with your metabolism.

Improving your metabolism leads to a healthy heart and a long life as it directly relates to your levels of vitality and energy, your weight, your mood and your endurance. Dr. Kavesteen and the experts at his practice have created ways to educate patients on revolutionary yet simple lifestyle changes which contribute to boosted metabolism, better body image, and a happier mood. They believe in treating the whole body in order to keep the heart healthy. These changes create sustainable health, and help prevent heart disease and other cardiac issues.

Holistic cardiology blends cutting edge technology and cardiac treatment measures with preventative and early detection tools rooted in simple lifestyle changes. Patients are supported through every level of cardiac health and coached through living a healthy life. Holistic cardiology, as delivered through Dr. Kavesteen's practice, promotes wellbeing, increases longevity and brings out your most confident self.

Heart disease is the number one killer in the United States and, according to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, it was responsible for nearly 25% of deaths in 2008. Heart disease attacks without discretion; affecting men, women and all races equally. Contributing causes such as high blood pressure and elevated cholesterol are in your control. High blood pressure and cholesterol affect arterial linings and passageways thereby making the heart's job more difficult- imagine trying to flush water through clogged and corroded plumbing.

Embrace Dr. Kavesteen's holistic cardiology methods and you can take control of your cholesterol and blood pressure. He recommends dietary additions such as incorporating omega 3s, fish oil and red yeast rice to combat high cholesterol. The more you strengthen your heart through intelligent exercise, the more manageable your blood pressure becomes. As you learn and utilize his methods, your cholesterol levels can improve, your metabolism speeds up, you lose weight, feel better about yourself and your energy sky rockets.

Not only does maintaining a healthy weight through an efficient metabolism keep the heart healthy and your confidence high, it also reduces the risk of diabetes, an epidemic affecting over 25 million Americans today. If our body is carrying extra weight, it becomes difficult for the heart to supply blood to the entire body and we develop problems absorbing the right nutrients. Diabetes, in its worse cases, can lead to amputation, blindness and a failing heart. Depression follows.

After learning of her high risk for severe health issues, Irene got busy. Through metabolic testing, monitoring her heart, nutrition guidance and exercise, she started to kick her metabolism into high gear, lose weight, stand taller, and increase her energy. At first, the changes were subtle but, in time, the benefits started to snowball. She was accomplishing more each day yet still felt energized. She reconnected with friends and passions. She felt good, looked good and knew she was contributing to a longer life. Her holistic cardiologist helped her build a stronger heart by focusing on building a healthier body. Blending preventative and early detection methods with cutting-edge testing and technology, she found the perfect balance for her health.

Feel good, look good, live long.

Your health and the health of your heart are in your control. Preventive measures can easily be learned which help keep these silent killers from striking. According to Dr. Kavesteen's principles, the path to sustainable heart health is lined with fringe benefits. As you learn the tools to eat well, balance your diet with supplements that meet your individual needs, exercise with intention and prevent heart disease and diabetes, you naturally begin to feel lighter, look younger and walk taller. His principles for keeping your heart healthy are really methods to live a confident life and focus on your overall wellbeing.

In his lecture, Dr. Kavesteen will share his principles and many years experience on how you can begin laying the foundations for your leanest, healthiest life as you boost your metabolism to protect your heart.

All attendees are invited to schedule an appointment at his practice, Heart & Health Holistic Cardiology, for a complimentary session of metabolic testing valued at $120.

David Kavesteen, MD is the leading physician at Heart and Health, PLLC, located in North Babylon and Middle Island. He received his Bachelor of Science in Biochemistry from SUNY Stony Brook, with a magna cum laude and distinction in research award, then continued his studies at Brooklyn's SUNY Health Science Center, and completed his internal medicine training at the prestigious New York University Medical Center. Dr. Kavesteen received further education at Maimonides Medical Center, where he specialized in cardiovascular diseases and nuclear cardiology. He is board certified in Internal Medicine, Cardiovascular Diseases, and Nuclear Cardiology. To learn about his Dyslipidemia, Diabetes, Nutritional, and Weight Loss programs, please visit 0bb.488.myftpupload.com.


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