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Why Vaccinate

Today’s vaccines protect you against germs and infections that can lead to a number of deadly and disabling diseases.  Your work, travel and personal life can all expose you to infections that you might not be protected against.  But still, many adults think that they don’t need vaccines. Here are some common excuses for not getting vaccinated:


Excuse: “Vaccines are just for kids.”

FACT: Both adults and children benefit from vaccines.  And some vaccines are only for adults of a certain age.  Plus, some vaccines you may have received as a child will need boosters (follow-up doses) during adulthood.


Excuse: “My doctor didn’t say I needed it.”

FACT: All major health organizations recommend vaccines for adults at different times in their life.  Take the lead in protecting your health by asking your doctor today if you are up-to-date on all your vaccines, and use your yearly checkup as a time to stay up-to-date in the future.


Excuse: “The vaccine will make me sick.”

FACT: Vaccines won’t make you sick because they are made from a weekend or dead form of the disease.  You might have mild side effects like aches and fever, but these usually only last a day or two.


Excuse: “I’m healthy so I don’t need it.”

FACT: Vaccines are not just for sick or elderly people.  And they are a simple step you can take today to help keep you feeling well.  If you skip vaccines, you put yourself at risk for seasonal viruses like the flu, as well as more serious illnesses like pneumonia or shingles.


Excuse: “It will cost too much.”

FACT: Out- of-pocket costs for vaccines can vary depending on your insurance, but both the Affordable Care Act (ACA) and Medicare make many vaccines available for free.  Plus, by preventing serious illnesses, you save money on more costly medical expenses later.


Adult-Vaccines-1024x992 Adult VaccinesReasons to Vaccinate:

Vaccines save lives. Here’s why:

Vaccines work - Today’s vaccines are held to the strictest safety standards, with years of testing and ongoing study once in use.  Most are more than 90 percent effective and if you do get sick, symptoms are usually less severe.

Vaccines protect against serious disease- Vaccines have been around for so long, it’s easy to forget some of the serious diseases they safeguard against. For example, before vaccines, diseases, diseases like diphtheria, polio and tetanus caused serious complications like paralysis, brain damage and even death.  Vaccines have reduced or gotten rid of many diseases but the bacteria still exist. So you still need to get vaccinated to protect yourself and loved ones, especially when travelling.

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