What is LVAD?

Heart Failure Specialist on Long Island
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Heart Failure Specialist on Long Island


A Left Ventricular Assist Device, also known as a LVAD, is a mechanical heart pump that’s placed inside someone’s chest, and then helps the heart pump oxygen-rich blood throughout the body. The LVAD doesn’t replace the heart, it just temporarily helps the heart function while the person waits for a heart transplant or is still recovering from open heart surgery. A permanent LVAD may be used in terminally ill patients who cannot receive a heart transplant due to their condition. Essentially, the LVAD helps to restore normal blood flow to a person whose heart has been weakened by heart disease. This helps relieve symptoms such as being constantly tired or having shortness of breath, and sometimes it can allow the heart to return to normal functioning by allowing it to rest, this is rare, however.

The Left Ventricular Assist Device pumps blood from the left ventricle, to the aorta, and then it delivers the oxygen to the rest of the body. The LVAD has components both on the inside and the outside of the body. The inside helps the heart beat and pump blood to the rest of the body. There is also a wire that comes out of the skin, that is connected to the LVAD on the inside, and connects it to a controller and power sources that are worn on the outside of the body. The pump is usually powered by batteries, so it’s important to make sure it’s always charged.

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