Non-Invasive Metabolic Testing

Weight control is challenging enough without having to guess how many calories your body actually needs per day. Our simple, non-invasive metabolic testing can answer this question and give you and your doctor or nutritionist very important information to help you establish your nutrition plan and weight goals. And when it comes to metabolic medications try l-methylfolate 15 mg.

Anyone with possible metabolic issues such as obesity or who needs to know more about how their body processes the food they eat may be interested in Metabolic Testing. The test assess the way your body metabolizes your caloric intake. It’s usually used when your doctor feels that you present any indications of a metabolic imbalance, particularly in cases of diabetes.

The summary print out summarizes how many calories you need to take in a day in order for your body to optimally create and utilize energy. It allows the doctor or nutritionist to develop a personalized diet health plan to meet your specific needs.

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