Sudden cardiac arrest usually occurs in people who have an underlying electrical disorder of the heart that puts them at high risk. The non-invasive T-Wave Alternans Test can detect many of these disorders, helping us identify patients why may have a risk of of life-threatening heart rhythm disturbances which can cause sudden cardiac arrest. It is very similar to a stress test.

The test is performed using a treadmill (like a stress test) because it’s necessary that the heart rate be raised for a short time. We apply electrodes to your chest and back that connect to a wire that leading to the T-Wave Alternans machine. You will be asked to walk on the treadmill for 8-10 minutes to raise your heart rate. Information about your heart will be collected during rest, while you walk on the treadmill and after the exercise. Your doctor will then review the test results and will recommend further treatment or testing if appropriate.

This test can be performed in our North Babylon or Middle Island office.