Internship Testimonial about Heart & Health


My name is Kareen Champagne and I am a graduate of Stony Brook University. I applied for an internship at Heart and Health cardiology clinic with Dr. Kavesteen in order to attain more experience in the field of medicine before entering medical school. During this three-month internship, Dr. Kavesteen assigned me various medical topics to research and write about, then discuss with him. From this alone, I learned a great deal about patient experiences with illness, the causes and effects of various diseases, as well as prevention and treatment. Along with research, I also assisted the clinic staff with clerical duties and shadowed medical assistants. I observed how they worked with patients and soon, I learned how to gather patient information, such as vital signs and medical history, as well as preparing and assisting with running cardiology tests, including EKGs, stress tests, heart and vessel sonograms, and T-wave exams. Although becoming adept with the new technology and learning how these tests help to diagnose the patient was very interesting and valuable, there was an even more fruitful aspect of my training. More than anything, I appreciate how the medical assistants and Dr. Kavesteen taught me how to interact with patients and develop my bedside manner in a clinical setting, something which could only be done through careful observation and practice. I am extremely grateful to Dr. Kavesteen and his team of employees at Heart and Health for teaching me so much. The superlative distinction of Heart and Health is not the equipment or the efficiency and accuracy of their work, but how much everyone cares about the patients, especially Dr. Kavesteen, who tries to work with his patients to give them the care and treatment which is best for them. I am confident that everything I have learned at Heart and Health will aid me greatly in my future medical endeavors and I enjoyed my time as a part of the team.

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