Hempstead Cardiology, Primary Care, Podiatry, and Nutrition

Treating Hempstead Patients Since 2005

The knowledgeable staff at Heart and Health Medical PLLC in Plainview NY provides personalized attention and excellence in family medicine, podiatry, and cardiovascular care to fit the needs of each patient. Our cardiologist, podiatrist, and family physicians can see to all of your health care needs. Heart and Health Medical delivers comprehensive and compassionate health care to patients all across Long Island.

The practice administers Carotid Doppler, Echocardiogram, Radiation Free and Nuclear Stress Testing, Holter and Event Monitoring, Metabolic Testing, and Peripheral Vascular Studies in each of our three convenient offices across Long Island, including North Babylon, New York, Middle Island, New York, and Plainview, New York.

Heart and Health Medical works along with your primary care physician to help care for your heart and your overall well-being for a longer and healthier life. Heart and Health Medical has won the Patient Choice Award in 2008, 2009 and 2010. Dr. Kavesteen is recognized as a “Leading Physician of the World” and the “Top Cardiologist in Babylon, NY” by the International Association of Cardiologists, and as “One of America’s Top Cardiologists 2010″ by the Consumers’ Research Council of America.

The Town of Hempstead

We service the community of the Town of Hempstead at our office in Plainview, New York on Long Island. Our doctors are all Board Certified in their respective fields, including Internal Medicine, Family Medicine, Cardiology, and Podiatry. Hempstead is one of the three towns in Nassau County. There are twenty-two Villages that are in the town. As of the 2010 census, the population of Hempstead was 759,757 people. Hempstead has the highest population of people in all of Nassau County. Jones beach, the most popular beach on the East Coast of the United States is located in the Town of Hempstead.

Village of Hempstead

We also service the community of Hempstead at our office in Plainview, New York on Long Island. Hempstead is a village within the Town of Hempstead. According to the 2010 census, the population in Hempstead was 53,891 people. Hempstead is the most populated Village in New York.

Hempstead is one of the three towns in Nassau County, occupying the southwest part of the county. There are twenty-two incorporated villages completely or partially in the town. Hempstead was settled in 1643 by a band of Puritans who sailed across the Long Island Sound from Stamford, Connecticut in search of a place where they could more freely express their particular brand of Protestantism. They were led by the Rev. Robert Fordham and John Carman, both disciples of the Rev. Richard Denton, the leader of their sect. They landed on Long Island at what is now called Roslyn village and trekked southward across a great prairie where they stopped between two fresh water streams and several small ponds. They bargained for the land with the leaders of the local native tribes and made an agreement that allowed them to establish a "town spot" at what is now the Village of Hempstead as well as establishing property rights to what are now known as the Towns of Hempstead and North Hempstead. The natives were representatives of three of the area’s major tribes, the Marsapeague(Massapequa), Mericock(Merrick) and Rekowake(Rockaway).

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