The EmblemHealth story began 75 years ago with ideals rooted in a simple, yet pioneering vision: provide quality health insurance plans for working New Yorkers and their families. Our legacy companies—Group Health Incorporated (GHI) and the Health Insurance Plan of Greater New York (HIP)—did, and continue to do, just that.

GHI and HIP are EmblemHealth Companies

The GHI and HIP health plans administered by EmblemHealth are among the most innovative and flexible in the industry. Groups and individuals can choose from a variety of accredited PPO, EPO and HMO health plans, as well as prescription drug, dental and vision coverage. Our provider network is more robust than ever. Plan members get access to most of the tristate area's top doctors and other medical professionals. Our members can also make use of acute care hospitals and physicians with hospitals across all 50 states. And the nearly 3.4 million people we serve — ranging from employees in small and large groups to individuals, public workers and retirees — rest assured that our commitment to preserving members’ health and wellness is stronger than ever.

A Rich History and an Even Brighter Future

EmblemHealth was created by the marriage of two companies with rich histories, local roots and complementary strengths. The founders of GHI developed the idea of paid-in-full benefits and discounted rates with participating providers in 1937. It was the first of many notable innovations. GHI plans were, for instance, the first in the country to offer dental coverage and the first insurance plan to cover preventive medicine—such as annual physical exams and well-baby care—and in-hospital medical care.

The groundwork for what would become HIP was laid in 1943 by legendary New York City mayor Fiorello LaGuardia, who convened a panel to explore ways to offer pre-paid medical care to people of “moderate means.” HIP debuted in April 1947 with 2,643 subscribers—members of the Chefs, Cooks, Pastry Cooks and Assistants Local 89. One month later, the plan boasted 12,051 members.

Today, as the state’s largest health insurer, we continue to build on this tradition of service, innovation and thoughtful care for our fellow New Yorkers. Putting care first; this is and will always be our priority.

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