Avoiding Zika Virus on Long Island

Long, Island New York Zika Virus
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Long, Island New York Zika Virus

Zika virus has become an emerging issue globally as well as in the United States. There is also massive fear of it’s potential effects in the Long Island, New York area. Zika virus is a disease spread through mosquitoes infected with the virus.

So far for Long Islanders, all of the cases of the Zika virus that have been discovered were contracted through traveling abroad. Although this is good news, precautions should still be taken to stay safe and healthy.

New York state is in the process of creating a 6 step Zika action plan which will distribute larvicide tablets, monitor the mosquito population, and launch a public awareness campaign to try and keep as many NY residents as possible Zika free.

The primary way that the Zika virus is spread is through a mosquito bite of a certain infected mosquito species called Aedes. But it is possible to be spread from pregnant mother to her baby, sexual contact, and although very unlikely, blood transfusions.

Before going anywhere during the summer months, you should always have insect repellent on you because insects are highly active. It is not only important to put insect repellent on, but making sure to reapply it as well because the repellent does wear off overtime.

DEET and Picaridin are two of the many repellents that can be used to stay protected from mosquitoes. DEET can provide up to ten hours of protection depending on its concentration. It is great for adults and even children but make sure to not to use on any child under the age of 2 months because it could be dangerous for their health. Picaridin is another repellent that can be used and is even preferred by many people because it is odorless and doesn’t leave a greasy residue behind.

If you are planning to travel to South America or anywhere else where the Zika virus is present, make sure to take the right precautions to ensure your safety. Visit CDC’s traveler’s health website to check if the country you plan to visit has any travel warnings for you.

If you do happen to get infected with Zika virus or are concerned you may be, Dr.Kavesteen’s holistic approach and expertise may be able to help you! With four convenient Long Island locations Babylon, Massapequa, Middle Island, and Plainview, call us today!

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