AIM Specialty Health Insurance Plan AIM-Specialty-Health AIM Specialty Health

AIM Specialty Health® (AIM) is a leading specialty benefits management company with more than 20 years of experience and a growing presence in the management of radiology, cardiology, oncology, sleep management, and specialty drugs. Our mission is to make healthcare services more clinically appropriate, safer and more affordable. As such, we promote the most appropriate use of specialty care services through the application of widely accepted clinical guidelines delivered via an innovative platform of technologies and services.

Aim Insurance Plan Mission:

Partner with our clients to improve the clinical appropriateness, safety and affordability of healthcare services.

Aim Insurance Plan Values:

Teamwork: We recognize that working together to meet the challenges of our business will enhance our collective success.

Responsiveness: We keep our promises and commitments to our customers and employees and take active roles in helping our clients succeed and grow.

Service Excellence: We provide an industry leading customer service experience that constantly and consistently meets or exceeds the needs of our customers.

Innovation: We leverage our expertise to develop new, creative and responsible solutions for our customers and health care partners.

Flexibility: We customize our programs, services and responses to meet the evolving market and business needs of our customers.

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