1199 Insurance Plan

1199 Health Insurance Plan

Heart and Health Medical offers care in Cardiology, Primary Care, Internal Medicine and Podiatry. Heart and Health Medical accepts the 1199 Health Insurance Plan. Our cardiologists, Primary Care Physicians, Internal Medicine Doctors, and Podiatrists are the best in their fields. Ask our receptionist more information about 1199 health insurance plan.

David Kavesteen, MD FACC accepts the 1199 Health Insurance Plan. Doctor David Kavesteen is the lead cardiologist at Heart and Health Medical. He founded Heart and Health Medical and has won patient choice award in 2008, 2009, 2010, and 2011. Doctor Kavesteen is recognized as a “Leading Physician of the World” and the “Top Cardiologist in Babylon, NY” by the International Association of Cardiologists. He was also recognized by the Consumers’ Research Council of American as “One of America’s Top Cardiologists 2010”. Doctor Kavesteen was also voted Best Cardiologist for the Long Island Press, Best of Long Island, 2013.

Anthony Spera, MD FACC also accepts the 1199 Health Insurance Plan. Doctor Spera is a cardiologist at Heart and Health Medical who has been practicing cardiology for over 20 years.

We Take the 1199 Health Insurance Plan

What is 1199 health insurance?
1199 Health Insurance Plan

The 1199 Health Insurance Plan is one of the best health care plans there is. It entitles member s to little or no co-pay, and low premiums in exchange for high quality care. There are different plans within the 1199 Health Insurance Plan.

These plans include:

Each of these 1199 Health Insurance Plans offer different benefits and coverage.

While each of these health insurance plans may differ from each other, the majority of them entitle members to Medical, Dental, Prescription, and Vision health care coverage. You may also be entitled to Behavioral Health Coverage in some of these plans.