What is a Stress Test?

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The American Heart Association (AHA) defines a stress test as a test which helps your doctor find out how well your heart handles its workload. If you work in a high stressed, fast paced environment, for example, your workload is much higher than average and results in a high amount of stress on the heart. A stress test is what determines how well your heart is handling that stress. As your body works harder during the test, it requires more fuel and your heart has to pump more blood. The test can also show if there’s a lack of blood supply through the arteries that go to the heart. If you suffer from excess stress, take a look at this CBD Softgel information. It’s become much more popular for people suffering from stress to make use of marijuana and CBD to see if that helps them to manage some of this stress. If CBD doesn’t work as you’d like it to, it could be a good idea to consider looking into smoking marijuana if you feel extremely stressed. You could easily smoke some marijuana through some pipes, there will usually be a good selection available when you visit a website like fatbuddhaglass.com (see pipes here). That should help you to reduce some of this stress, lessening your chances of heart problems.

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Stress tests are usually administered to individuals who are noticing slight problems with their heartbeat or breathing pattern, and whether it be a slight arrhythmia or shortness of breath, you should always consult your doctor when you notice these changes occurring. The AHA answers the question of Why Do People Need Stress Tests?

  1. If you have an irregular heartbeat.
  2. To see if symptoms like chest pains or heavy breathing are related to your heart.
  3. To see how hard you should or should not exercise when joining a cardiac rehabilitation program.
  4. If you need other tests done to check for narrowed arteries.

You should tell your doctor about any medications that you are on when preparing for a stress test. Your doctor also may ask you to not eat, drink, or smoke for up to four hours before your stress test.

The AHA then answers the question of What Happens During a Stress Test?

  1. You’re hooked up to equipment to monitor your heart.
  2. You walk slowly in pace on a treadmill.
  3. The treadmill will tilt so you feel as though you are walking on a small hill.
  4. It changes speed so you walk faster.
  5. You may be asked to breathe inside of a tube.
  6. You can stop the test at any time you need to.

After this is done, you will sit or lie down for a few minutes while your doctor checks to make sure your blood pressure and heart rate have returned to normal.

During a stress test, your doctor will be monitoring your heart rate, breathing pattern, blood pressure, and how tired you feel during and after the test. When taking a stress test, there is very little risk involved and in the unlikely occurrence of anything happening, medical personnel is on standby.

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