metabolic-testing Metabolic TestingMetabolic Testing

Issues with metabolism are a common complaint for many patients, especially as they age. However, the topic is much more complex than meets the eye. People who have a tendency towards having metabolic issues include those who are overweight or obese. Whether you are struggling to lose weight or you hit a plateau, visiting a medical professional can help provide you with the insight into the causes of this issue. Because increased body fat can wreak havoc on the cardiovascular system, we here at Heart and Health Medical are committed to serving our patients in the Long Island area.

If you live in Nassau or Suffolk County, our North Babylon office is centrally located to provide you with metabolic testing. Our doctors will be able to help diagnose your metabolic issues in order to help you get healthy. The test assesses the way your body metabolizes your caloric intake. It’s usually used when your doctor feels that you present any indications of a metabolic imbalance, particularly in cases of diabetes.

The summary print out summarizes how many calories you need to take in a day in order for your body to optimally create and utilize energy. It allows the doctor or nutritionist to develop a personalized diet health plan to meet your specific needs.